AMA: Driving Sales Success With Video


March 31, 2022

10:00 AM ‑ 10:30 AM (PDT)

Hear the latest expertise from experts in this Ask Me Anything session

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Ash Brokerage has been referred to as “an education company that happens to distribute financial products.” 

While education has always been at the heart of the firm’s culture, they didn’t have the tools to capture and distribute all the institutional knowledge. That changed when they discovered the power of video.

Join Mike McGlothlin, EVP at Ash Brokerage, as he shares how the company uses video and content as a competitive advantage. Specifically, you will learn how they use recorded video and content from subject matter experts to engage their sales team and customers to drive higher win rates and repeat business.

This AMA session will provide a place for lively discussion on:

  • Bottling up the collective wisdom on your team into digestible learning content
  • Using recorded video and peer-to-peer knowledge to keep your sales team sharp on a wide array of product offerings
  • Differentiating with personalized video that moves the needle on relationships and repeat business
  • The keys to help reps remember what they learn during onboarding and training

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