AMA: Building Professional Development Opportunities for Sales Reps

June 02, 2022

11:00 am – 11:30 am

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Building professional development opportunities for Sales Reps for success is critical in today’s business environment. By equipping ambitious sales teams with the proper professional sales skills, employees feel they are important and their company is investing in their success while also producing positive results for the organization.

Join Amanda Dossey, Director of Enablement, Learning, & Development at Terminus, as she shares how she is developing professional development programs for sales reps at her company. This AMA session will provide a place for lively discussion on:

  • The importance of providing professional development opportunities for sales reps
  • How to create the best professional development opportunities for sales rep success
  • Key considerations for professional development programs into 2022 and beyond

  • Amanda Dossey

    Director of Enablement, Learning, & Development Terminus Software
    I am a marketer with a background in sales, account management, and digital strategy. I love to learn and I also love to teach. My role in Enablement allows me to merge all aspects of my career, and I get to work with all departments within the company. I have worked for large corporations most of my career, but I am currently at a SaaS company with just over 330 employees and counting.

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