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Founded in 2009

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Samesurf is a code and install-free solution that enables multiple people to share their browsing experiences in real-time from any device or browser.

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Samesurf is a real-time sales, support, and collaboration offering. Its patented synchronized browsing technology transcends screen sharing by empowering an unlimited number of people to co-browse online content together from any device or browser without installs of any kind. Samesurf pairs best-in-class collaboration technologies with comprehensive analytics to form a versatile SaaS and platform offering for businesses, individuals, and websites.

Samesurf integrates real-time collaboration tools like co-browsing, screen sharing, and remote desktop into a single offering that supports diverse use cases. It augments these core features with complementary options like HD video chat, screen drawing, and live messaging to simulate the experience of being together in real life. Samesurf also provides support and sales solutions such as live chat and presentation software to support seamless entry into visual, collaborative interactions between agents, salespeople, and customers.

Samesurf is the only company in the hyper-growth collaboration space to hold multiple US patents relating to synchronized browsing of the web and mobile applications. Partners and customers include (1) a wide-cross section of the Fortune 1000; (2) market leaders like Sapient and Liveperson and (3) a slew of innovative start-ups. Investors include Omninet Capital (established by co-founders of Qualcomm – NASDAQ: QCOM).


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