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Founded in 2003

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LogicBay’s partner relationship management (PRM) technology offers a comprehensive array of functionality to support channel partner program management needs.


LogicBay delivers technology-enabled channel management solutions to companies that need to build, scale, or optimize their indirect sales channels. At the core is the Channel Technology Stack, combined with a proprietary Channel Profit Center methodology that helps companies achieve growth through their sales channels. No two sales channels are alike; businesses evolve over time, and sales channels and the partners that define them have needs and priorities that change too.

Key Features:

  • Develop partner applications and evaluate candidates
  • Keep partners happy by keeping track of who owns which leads
  • Synchronize training and marketing support for new product launches
  • Get partners up to speed and successful in record time
  • Train and certify partners’ sales and service teams
  • Create field incentive programs to help sell and increase mindshare


Partner Relationship Management

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