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Founded in 2006

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Formstack is a valuable sales enablement tool for capturing leads more effectively, tracking analytics, and facilitating collaboration among team members with an approval workflow.


Formstack is a workplace productivity solution built to transform the way people collect information and put it to work. With its powerful data collection and process automation capabilities, Formstack reduces data chaos and solves important business problems.

Created in 2006, Formstack was founded by a small team of entrepreneurs led by Ade Olonoh. They wanted to build innovative and inspiring software products and succeeded in creating a simple data capture solution.

Since its beginnings, the Formstack solution has grown in complexity to include advanced data collection and workflow automation products that allow users to seamlessly build, connect, engage, and analyze information in pursuit of becoming a more productive workplace.

Formstack’s data collection offerings include:

  • Online forms
  • A native Salesforce app
  • Offline survey features
  • Simplified data transfer
  • Contract and document generation
  • Process automation
  • Seamless money collection

Formstack is headquartered in Fishers, Indiana, and also has offices in Colorado Springs, and Toronto. While some employees work from these physical offices, Formstack has been operating as a remote company since 2013, so many employees live and work all over the world.

Formstack strives to be a leader in workplace productivity and aims to offer a unified platform of products that bring about true business transformation.


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