Understanding Your Sales Landscape


Lesson 1: How to Craft Effective Buyer Personas

Whether you have existing buyer personas in place or are building them from scratch, learn how to create effective and actionable personas for salespeople to use.

Lesson 2: Driving Competitive Differentiation

Learn how sales enablement can play a core role in developing a strategy to not only stand out to buyers, but motivate them to take action.

Lesson 3: Understanding Your Sales Methodology, Process, and Stages

A combination of an effective sales methodology, process, and accurately defined stages can create unity across sales teams and drive results. Learn how you can ensure that your methodology, process, and stages are efficient and effective, and ultimately tied to business goals.

Lesson 4: Building Your Sales Enablement Technology Stack

With hundreds of tools that sales enablement practitioners use to support their programs, assessing your organization’s needs is critical to ensuring maximum return on investment in a solution. Learn tips to evaluate and launch solutions that enhance your sales enablement efforts.