Sales Personas


Lesson 1: 4 Revenue Roles that Sales Enablement Serves

From pre-sales, to post-sales, channel and partner sales, and sales support roles, sales enablement is equipped to support each in delivering excellent customer experiences

Lesson 2: Best Practices for Motivating Salespeople

Learn how sales enablement can help inspire salespeople to reach their full potential, and how culture, compensation, professional development, and communication and feedback can all play a role in driving performance.

Lesson 3: Building a Core Competencies Framework

Determining core competencies and mapping a framework for success allows sales enablement to craft more meaningful programs for teams they support. By identifying competencies across selling motions, product knowledge, soft skills and attributes, and systems and processes, practitioners can evaluate their reps and create clear guidelines for career growth.

Lesson 4: Working with Sales Organization Stakeholders

In order to gain support of sales enablement initiatives, sales enablement practitioners need to know how to enlist support from key stakeholders, including executive leaders, sales managers, and salespeople. This lesson covers strategies to build and maintain organizational support for your sales enablement function.