Project Management


Lesson 1: Developing Project Management Skills

Organization and communication are key to ensuring any project is executed smoothly and efficiently. Learn how sales enablement can create an effective project management plan by defining the problem, managing stakeholders, determining the project scope, and performing a project premortem.

Lesson 2: Building the Plan for Your Sales Enablement Projects

A sales enablement project plan provides a single source of truth to help guide your project through each phase of its implementation. Learn how to build an effective project management plan, from setting priorities to developing the budget.

Lesson 3: Implementing the Sales Enablement Project Plan

Keeping track of details to ensure your sales enablement project meets its objectives can be tedious. Learn how to ensure the effective execution of your sales enablement project through consistent efforts around communication, managing expectations, and monitoring the project.

Lesson 4: Closing out a Sales Enablement Project

Taking the time after a sales enablement project is complete to create an impactful finale ensures that your project is finalized with impact and key lessons to take away. Learn how to bring your sales enablement projects across the finish line successfully, from handing over authority to gauging success.