Adult Learning


Lesson 1: Understanding Learning Gaps

Beyond just knowledge, learners require the skills, motivation, and environment to create habits in the real world. Consider where gaps in knowledge, skills, motivation, and environment exist and how you can embed strategies that reduce those gaps in the learning design.

Lesson 2: Commanding Attention and Engagement

Commanding the attention of adult learners is essential to ensure learning sticks and becomes habit. Learn how sales enablement practitioners can grab the attention of learners to change attitudes and encourage engagement throughout a learning experience.

Lesson 3: Strategies to Improve Learning Retention

Science, theory, art, and experience all impact how adults learn and retain information. Sales enablement professionals need to understand how each can be embedded in sales readiness programs to improve knowledge retention.

Lesson 4: Turning Learning into Action

In order to ensure knowledge taught in sales readiness programs transforms into action in the workplace, learning needs to go beyond just scheduled training sessions. Learn how sales enablement can ensure that training is producing desired outcomes, from ongoing learning to assessments and evaluations.