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Depending on the specific organization or implementation framework, sales enablement may encapsulate different sets of functions. It’s the orchestration point that aligns the intersecting elements of sales, marketing, customer care, product/brand management, legal, and human resources to improve seller productivity and enhance buyer experience.

I think the word ‘sales’ in front of ‘enablement’ is limiting on its own, whether you want to call it organizational enablement or revenue enablement, it doesn’t matter but I think the discipline itself will evolve into this conduit between all functions. I like to think of it as somebody whose sole responsibility is to remove roadblocks, bring everybody to the table, get problems out of the way, get everybody running towards the same goal, and every organization has the same goal: revenue.

I partner with product marketing. I partner with marketing. I partner with HR. I partner with our ops organization. So as a collective whole, we are always working together on how are we doing, how are we performing…And since all of those teams play a role in helping us with content, helping us with metrics, then we all care about that. So it is a team sport.

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