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I put four quadrants of one lens on that. That is, not only the actual ‘what they need to know’, the knowledge pace, but also then the skill set. Then also the motivation, so the mindset. And then finally, the environment. How do we integrate what we do as an enablement function to make sure that they are successful every day, and have something to practice every single day?

I like to think about our new hire training program as providing our field with a toolkit and not only telling them what’s in the toolkit, but telling them what tool helps in what situation and helping them map so that they can actually go out into the field and handle these different situations and be able to apply and therefore continuously learn. Then over their growth as a salesperson, they’re able to continuously learn and develop so that rather than just regurgitating, they’re actually applying and retaining.

Make sales training an always-on, continuous effort. Sales training is a big part of sales enablement. It’s where sales people learn how to sell more effectively. Most sales training programs suffer from a fatal flaw – they happen once a year. As a result, sales people are quick to forget what they’ve learned, as well as the information, content, and tools they’ve been provided with. To combat this, you need to make sales training a continuous effort. You should conduct at least one formal training a month and use tools like newsletters and collaboration platforms to keep sales enablement in front of the sales team.

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