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Talk about revenue, like actually talk – speak the same language. Speak the exact same language. And that language changes if you’re talking to sales, if you’re talking to marketing, or if you’re talking to the COO. So with revenue, with CROs, CSOs, what I’m talking about is revenue going up or hitches that we’re hitting. With COOs I prefer to talk about costs going down because we really should be doing both at the same time. We should be increasing revenue and decreasing costs. But, know your audience. Especially when you’re talking to executives, they don’t have time for your novel of what snack you gave your sales team during their boot camp. They need to know the bullet points of specifically what the problem is that we’re solving for, how are you addressing it.

You need to have multiple metrics. So you’re looking at qualified pipeline health – is it 2x, is it 3x? You’re looking at the overall percentage of attainment of a team, so what is the participation level? If you’re accessing a first-line manager, how much of their team is attaining a quota? Does that grow? You need to figure out what you’re baselining first, and then what you’re measuring that against in relation to the programs and what your areas of focus are.

Don’t just rely on the numbers. Get active in the field and talk to people. Talk to some of your best performers, but also talk to some people that are struggling, find the distinction between what the best performers are doing and the people that are struggling are doing, and try to marry up some trends. Like are best performers using assets like these? So if you can do that, then you can try to say, ‘how can I systematize or make a methodology of what my best performers are doing?’ Qualitative data matters just as much as the numbers, so don’t ignore conversations with your field people.

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