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The funds for your sales enablement initiatives can come from both the sales and marketing budgets. Both departments will see the benefits and be involved in the implementation, so both budgets can contribute. Remember, if your budget it too big, you are wasting money. Too small of a budget and you limit your staff and fail to get results.

Sales enablement needs a budget to run the right programs for the team. But sales leadership is not going to just give away budget dollars. You’ll have to show how the dollars will be put to use. And the value it will bring to the organization.

Setting priorities, getting leadership on board, and gaining resource commitments must begin today. This is the time for sales enablement teams to rise above the daily tasks and to be strategic. And they need to proactively and nimbly engage stakeholders across the organization. Every good seller understands the enormous amount of planning that goes into winning big deals. In the same way, gaining budget and leadership buy-in requires a smart and thoughtful internal sales strategy.

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