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It changes, and it depends on when you step in. So if you step in really early on, one of the things that’s important is that you grow your program at the same time that your org is growing as well. And that means including growing out your own team. Too often I see at companies that start with a sales enablement army of one, and then they hire 500 people, and they’re still a sales enablement team of one. We have to ask for budget, we have to grow the team that’s appropriate for our company and that has to scale out.

The future of enablement emphasizes on-demand, immersive experiences that are fun, engaging, and effective in driving learning at scale. With enablement, organizations empower employees with the tools and resources they need to inspire a continuous learning environment. Through proactive action, organizations can give their sales teams exactly what they need before they even know they need it, keeping sales teams effective in having the right conversations with customers.

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