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A lot of those articles that you can find online of how to do sales enablement, some of the books out there, they all say create a charter or a mission and I totally agree with those, even just the mission statement of what is this team about or what is this function about. It really helps you anchor yourself to something because if you don’t say ‘here’s what I’m here to do’, you’re open to being there to do everything and I think that can distract or water down an enablement function to be the jack of all trades. I think a good enablement function is – at the onset you can get lost very quickly so once you sort of have this buy-in – grounding yourself in a charter or a mission statement, then defining goals. If you could tie these goals to ROI, even better.

While each company, context and industry is different, I believe that there are some fundamentals that should form the blueprint of any sales enablement strategy. At a high level the strategy should convey what your team does, how it does it, goals and main initiatives for the year ahead.

Build a long-term strategy that includes roles specific tools, processes and scalable, repeatable best practices. This can be done by partnering with the sales organization to agree upon specific goals, deliverables, milestones and responsibilities.

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