Lesson 4: Working with Sales Organization Stakeholders


While sales enablement isn’t selling to external buyers, it is necessary for sales enablement practitioners to sell their services internally and enlist the support of stakeholders on sales enablement initiatives. Sales enablement must build relationships with key stakeholders, understand their needs, and prove the impact of sales enablement to gain support. This lesson covers strategies and useful tips for enlisting buy-in from each of these essential stakeholders within the sales organization:

  • Executive Leaders: Buy-in from executive leaders is critical to ensure sales enablement initiatives align with company visions and strategy.
  • Sales Managers: Sales managers will be responsible for enforcing sales enablement initiatives, so their buy-in is essential.
  • Salespeople: As the direct customers of sales enablement, practitioners need to take the time to understand the needs and pains of their sales reps.
  • Steps to build and maintain organizational support: These tips can help consistently set expectations with each stakeholder persona and build buy-in for sales enablement initiatives.


There are many critical partnerships that can deepen the business impact that sales enablement can have. As such, securing buy-in from stakeholders is essential to ensuring alignment, collaboration, and execution on sales enablement initiatives, from executive leaders to salespeople.


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