Lesson 4: Cross-Functional Best Practices


Collaboration is essential to sales enablement success. As a function that often supports multiple revenue teams across an organization, sales enablement is uniquely positioned to create synergy between departments and drive strategic alignment. As such, building and maintaining avenues for cross-functional collaboration is an essential skill for practitioners to have. This lesson covers best practices to foster collaboration in each of the following areas:

  • Communication: Communication can be the biggest barrier to success, as communicating well requires both effective information sharing and listening skills.
  • Alignment: Aligning projects to strategic business goals fosters cross-functional collaboration and makes it easier to enlist sales enablement support.
  • Getting Buy-in/Feedback: Communication is essential to help stakeholders understand the impact of sales enablement initiatives and gain support.
  • Conflict Resolution: It can be difficult to get others to see things from your perspective, but utilizing effective communication techniques can help avoid or resolve conflicts.


Effective collaboration skills are essential for practitioners to support many different teams across an organization, and ensure that sales enablement initiatives ladder into larger business goals. By utilizing these strategies and techniques, practitioners are more equipped to foster cross-functional collaboration, and ultimately drive business impact.


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