Lesson 4: Closing out a Sales Enablement Project


Working on large projects can sometimes feel endless, which is why setting a clear process to bring a sales enablement project to a smooth finish is critical for successful project management. Taking the time to review key outcomes, determine business impact, and manage next steps is essential to ensure a project is completed in an effective manner. This lesson covers key components to consider in creating an impactful finale for sales enablement projects, including:

  • Gauging Success: Evaluate how outcomes compare to what was initially expected.
  • Presenting Deliverables: Tell a compelling story that demonstrates to stakeholders not only what the deliverable was, but why they should care.
  • Handing Over Authority and Control: Project close-out is often only the end of the first chapter to launch long-term organizational initiatives.
  • Capturing Lessons Learned: Document both suggestions for what should be repeated and how to avoid pitfalls in the future.


Gauging success, presenting deliverables, handing over authority, and capturing lessons learned are all essential to ensure a project is wrapped up with maximum benefit to the organization. Taking the time to assess what went well, and what could be improved next time promotes ongoing learning and success in the future, while gauging success and presenting deliverables is necessary to analyze the business impact of your project.


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