Lesson 3: Implementing the Sales Enablement Project Plan


As much as it’s gratifying to sit back and watch your project progress, keeping track of all the details to ensure the project meets its objectives can be tedious. Your ability to manage the details throughout the implementation of the project can ultimately make or break its success. This lesson covers strategies to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, including:

  • Communicating and Reporting Progress: When stakeholders are in sync and leadership knows what to expect, by when, projects are set up for success.
  • Running Effective Meetings: Collaborating with team members is an essential part of project management, and necessary to ensure the project remains on track.
  • Managing Risks and Expectations: Identifying what is in the realm of control for sales enablement and how to manage these risks can help your project avoid roadblocks.
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project: Tracking project activities, collecting performance data metrics, and monitoring changes to the plan allows you to identify areas for improvement and growth.


Implementing your sales enablement project can mean a lot of moving pieces at once, so it is critical that sales enablement works to help the project reach success and achieve the desired outcomes. Consistent effort around communication and reporting, running effective meetings, managing risks and expectations, and monitoring and controlling the project will help you keep projects running smoothly throughout their duration.


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