Lesson 3: Building Professional Relationships


It’s human nature for our minds to be in several places at once, however, the key to building strong professional relationships is intention. With focus on being present, communicating clearly, and listening intently, your professional relationships can allow you to strengthen partnerships or gain authority. Building relationships in a thoughtful manner is essential to positioning yourself as a trusted advisor or thoughtful business partner within your organization. This lesson covers strategies to build high quality relationships, including:

  • Developing people skills: Mirroring body language, creating resonance with key words, and connecting with personal stories are all ways to strengthen your people skills.
  • Utilizing intentional networking: Dedicating time to building and maintaining connections creates a stronger network and increases the likelihood of support later down the road.
  • The Four Levels of Acknowledgment: Lisa Goldman and Kate Purmal’s Four Levels of Acknowledgment outlines four types of recognition for others, from simplest to most meaningful.
  • Improving your verbal skills: Learning how to speak confidently and collaboratively is essential to ensure conversations are meaningful and productive.


By focusing on these four aspects of nurturing relationships, you can strengthen partnerships with cross-functional teams, build trust with stakeholders, and gain authority with your internal customers: the salespeople you enable. Ultimately, intentional focus towards how you engage with others deepens the potential for the impact of your sales enablement efforts.


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