Lesson 3: Building a Core Competencies Framework


In order for sales enablement to drive tangible results in sales performance, it is essential to understand who your salespeople are, why some excel, and where there are skill gaps. By building a framework to measure progress against core competencies, sales enablement can better prepare salespeople for success and support them in developing critical skills. This lesson provides a framework for identifying competencies in each of the following areas:

  • Selling Motions: These skills look at how effective a salesperson is at connecting to customer needs and engaging them by proving value.
  • Product Knowledge: Having a deep understanding of the business your organization operates in, as well the specific problems your product solves, are critical foundations for strong selling skills.
  • Soft Skills & Attributes: Reps need to embody certain soft skills in order to connect with customers on a deeper level and build stronger buyer relationships.
  • Systems & Processes: The ability to navigate defined processes and utilize available resources is essential to ensure business runs smoothly.


Defining clear competencies for sales roles provides guidelines for salespeople around what is expected of them, how they can level up, and the steps to get there. By identifying core competencies, sales enablement can ultimately create more meaningful programs for the teams they support, from onboarding and training to coaching and career growth.


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