Lesson 2: Sales Enablement Plan-on-a-Page


A sales enablement plan is used to identify a path from goals to outcomes when implementing sales enablement initiatives. Mapping out core elements of a project design allows practitioners to think through all aspects of a project, and stay aligned with stakeholders from start to finish. This lesson will provide a framework for thinking through all angles of a project and mapping out a plan, including:

  • The What:  Mapping every sales enablement project back to the charter will help ensure that the function stays true to its purpose and maintains alignment with key stakeholders.
  • The Who: Identifying the audience, key partners, and team roles engages team members early so they know what is expected of them and when.
  • The How: Being cognizant of how your sales reps best receive and absorb sales enablement material allows you to meet your reps where they are.
  • The Why: Using data to demonstrate the potential value of a sales enablement function can help align stakeholders and enlist support.


Putting a plan in writing helps practitioners keep themselves accountable to the goals they set out to achieve and the results they envision. Thinking through each element of a sales enablement initiative outlines the resources and sponsorship practitioners need to move forward with design and implementation. A sales enablement plan ultimately allows practitioners to stay organized and prepared every step of the way.


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