Lesson 2: Nurturing The Sales Enablement Ecosystem


In any organization, there’s an ecosystem of business units that rely on sales to perform a function of their job duties. It’s sales enablement’s responsibility to break down the silos that separate these departments to streamline cross-functional efforts and encourage collaboration.. Through interconnectivity,  sales enablement prospers – helping sales prosper as well. This lesson covers the core inhabitants of the sales enablement ecosystem, and strategies to partner with each, including:

  • Demand Gen: Partnership between sales enablement and demand gen is key to ensure a smooth experience for prospects at the top of the funnel.
  • Product Marketing: This expertise is essential for salespeople to be able to communicate the value of their company’s solution and connect that value to specific customer needs.
  • Field Marketing: Practitioners need to partner closely with field marketing to ensure that sales messaging and tactics are resonating with buyers in the field.
  • Communications: Partnering with communications allows sales enablement to streamline messaging to the sales team and ensure all sales communications align with the corporate brand.
  • Human Resources: Sales enablement should work closely with HR in onboarding efforts, nurturing professional development, and fostering a productive culture.
  • Sales Operations: The role of sales operations allows sales enablement to identify core opportunities for improvement within the sales process.
  • Customer Success/Services: Syncing with post-sales efforts helps create seamless customer experiences that build upon the relationships that pre-sales initiates.


By encouraging cross-functional collaboration, sales enablement ensures that salespeople can find the information, tools, and resources they need to be more effective in their jobs. Sales enablement’s potential is maximized when it builds a close relationship with partners across the business. In turn, those core partners are better positioned for success through a strong relationship with sales enablement. Encouraging interconnectivity allows the business to excel as a whole.


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