Lesson 2: Driving Competitive Differentiation


As buying decisions are becoming increasingly complex, organizations need to devise a strategy to not only stand out to buyers, but to motivate them to take action. Sales enablement can play a critical role in determining why their organization wins or loses against the competition, and how salespeople can win over buyers. This lesson covers how sales enablement can help build a differentiation strategy, and advise salespeople to execute on it through the following aspects:

  • Understanding Points of Differentiation: The first step to understanding differentiation is identifying the factors that make one solution stand out over other options.
  • Learn How Deals are Won and Lost: Implementing a win/loss analysis on a regular cadence can help inform sales enablement’s approach and identify what is resonating with buyers.
  • Know the Competition: Synthesize information about who your competitors are, and how your solution stands out in order to give sales reps quick points of reference and high-level insights.
  • Driving Urgency: Complacency is a potential outcome of every single deal, so sales reps must learn how they can motivate buyers to change.


Differentiation is a process that relies heavily on enthusiastic buy-in from sales reps. Involving sales reps early in the differentiation processes enlists all hands on deck to ensure that your organization can differentiate itself in a way that resonates with buyers, drive organizational growth, and build a customer base that will advocate for your strategic value.


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