Lesson 2: Commanding Attention and Engagement


Commanding attention is a challenge of any training program, and with more devices and technology begging for our attention than ever before, sales enablement needs to ensure that participants are ready and willing to learn. Sales enablement practitioners need to overcome the draw of multitasking in order to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences. This lesson will cover strategies to engage learners and ensure learning sticks, including:

  • How to grab attention: Understanding who your learners are and how they are motivated to learn allows you to create more compelling learning experiences from the get-go.
  • How to hold attention: Utilizing stories, rewards, surprise, and social learning can help create stronger communities of learning and hold attention throughout lessons.
  • How to change attitudes: Intervening to avoid metacognitive roadblocks helps participants enter the learning experience with a positive mindset and be open to receive new information.
  • How to encourage engagement: Full understanding requires participation and support before, during, and after a learning experience to ensure knowledge sticks and becomes habit.


In order to create effective changes, sales enablement practitioners need to command the full attention of participants and encourage engagement in their sales readiness programs. Ensuring that your learners are attentive and engaged promotes a more productive and effective learning experience. Learning environments that successfully open learners’ minds to accepting new information and change ultimately create new habits and enable learners to excel in their roles.


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Course Completed