Lesson 2: Best Practices for Motivating Salespeople


Driving top-notch organizations today requires more than just monetary rewards. To inspire modern salespeople to reach their full potential, organizations need to appeal to both their extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Helping salespeople to be truly productive and effective means appealing to their basic human needs of wanting to feel supported, listened to, and ultimately in control of their own destiny. This lesson covers how each of these four factors play a role in motivating salespeople:

  • Culture: Creating an environment where people are empowered to do their best work is an essential first step to begin motivating all employees.
  • Compensation: In order to keep salespeople satisfied in their roles, it is essential for organizations to prioritize fair compensation.
  • Professional Development: Focusing on professional development can help people remain satisfied at work and move forward in their careers.
  • Communication & Feedback: Helping salespeople feel their opinions are valued and heard fosters a feeling of autonomy and control over their own career.


It is essential for salespeople to feel intrinsically motivated as well as financially supported. Fostering a healthy culture and creating fair compensation plans helps salespeople feel in control over their own careers, and inspired to work towards professional growth. By focusing on these four factors, sales enablement can ensure that salespeople feel motivated to succeed and satisfied in their careers.


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