Lesson 1: How to Craft Effective Buyer Personas


In order to demonstrate value to buyers, salespeople need to utilize messaging that not only resonates with buyers, but reinforces value. Sales enablement can help achieve this by developing buyer personas. Using buyer personas allows salespeople to tailor conversations to specific buyers in a way that appeals to the buyer’s motivations and background. This lesson covers:

  • Why You Need Buyer Personas: Creating buyer personas can help a multitude of different teams within your organization to concentrate their efforts and better reach customers.
  • Identifying Buyer Personas: Identifying a handful of personas keeps it focused and manageable for your sales team to act on.
  • Interviewing Prospects and Customers: Building your personas around research ensures that they are accurate and insightful.
  • Building Your Buyer Personas: Using the “Who, What, Why, and How” framework for each persona ensures that every aspect of your personas are fully fleshed out.


When messaging resonates with buyers, salespeople are able to cultivate more effective and exciting customer experiences, ultimately making the buyer confident in their choices. Whether you have existing personas in place that you need to refine or you are building buyer personas from scratch, understanding their purpose, how to identify targets, how to gather data, and how to present all that information in a way that is easy for sales to act on is a crucial foundation.


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