Lesson 1: Developing Project Management Skills


Foundational knowledge for how to manage a project is necessary for success in sales enablement. Creating a plan detailing what you want to accomplish and how you will do so is key to ensuring your project starts out on the right foot. This lesson covers how to initiate your sales enablement projects using these four building blocks:

  • Defining the Problem: The first step to an effective plan is to determine what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Managing Stakeholders: Identifying who will be impacted by the project’s outcome is critical to collaboration.
  • Determining the Project Scope: Documenting scope helps keep your project track and prevent dreaded “scope creep”.
  • Performing a Project Premortem: Identifying potential risks and solutions is key to ensure your project runs smoothly.


Sales enablement is often responsible for multiple large-scale projects, involving a variety of stakeholders, audiences, and partners across the business, so it is essential for practitioners to be able to effectively organize and communicate a project management plan. Utilizing a strong project management plan from the beginning ensures that projects are set up for success from start to finish.


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