Lesson 1: 4 Revenue Roles that Sales Enablement Serves


Sales enablement is not just about supporting salespeople – it’s about supporting the entire selling motion in delivering excellent customer experiences. It is important for practitioners to understand the nuances between different revenue roles that sales enablement supports, and how to best serve their unique needs. This lesson covers how sales enablement can support the selling motion as a whole, including strategies to serve each of these roles:

  • Pre-Sales: These are the roles that typically come to mind when one hears “salesperson”. These roles are responsible for finding and nurturing prospects, as well as motivating prospects to become customers.
  • Post-Sales: Post-sales teams such as account management and customer success/services are critical to keeping the customers engaged and finding expansion opportunities.
  • Channel/Partner: Channel partners represent a large opportunity for companies to reach new buyer personas and markets outside of their typical pool of prospects.
  • Sales Supporting Roles: These roles are critical to building customer trust and confidence and improving the performance of the sales organization.


As sales enablement continues to grow within many organizations, it is important to consider the impact that enablement can have beyond just the sales teams – in a traditional sense. Expanding sales enablement to serve the entire revenue organization can ensure that customers are supported throughout their entire life cycle, and help create a better sales organization overall.


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