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Creating insanely great learning experiences. I am always passionate about what I do, I try to activate talent in my organization to build solid career paths for enablement professionals. I rely on sound adult learning principals to bring content to life using technology and creativity to take it to the next level.


Vice President - GTM Enablement
San Francisco
June, 2020 – Current


Strategic enablement, including development of people, processes and technology to align cross functionally across the GTM Organization to drive up productivity, revenue and pipeline creation that all lead to customer success. VP of Enablement, overseeing the development of the following roles. SDR, ISR, Specialists, Solution Engineers, CSM, Sales, Front Line Managers All Sales, Partner Sales and Executive Education.

Senior Director Global GTM Enablement
Santa Clara
February, 2016 – May, 2020


Leading the global enablement strategy in partnership with enablement operations in a large hypergrowth organization. Stakeholder management, cross functional alignment. SalesKickOff Responsibility and more.

Head of Enablement - North America
Palo Alto
March, 2010 – January, 2016


Heading up enablement with quarterly broadcasts and enablement deliverables. Servicing Sales, SDRs, ISRs Sales and Presales. Responsible for Sales Kick Off, 2000, 4000, 5000 and 10,000 attendees including sponsors and partners.

Business Development
Buyer Engagement
Change Management
Cross-functional Collaboration
Customer Service
Project Management
Sales Communications
Sales Enablement
Sales Guidance
Sales Operations
Sales Plays
Sales Process

Adult Learning

Successful learning experiences arm learners with the skills they need to turn learning into action. Learn best practices to engage adult learners, ensure learning sticks, and ultimately drive business impact through sales readiness programs.

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Collaborative Relationships

Sales enablement is an inherently collaborative role, and as such it is essential that practitioners build collaborative relationships with teams across the organization. Learn how sales enablement practitioners can nurture professional relationships by identifying key stakeholders and cross-functional partners, and utilizing strategies to best engage with each.

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Enablement Charter

A successful sales enablement charter maps the foundation from which to build every sales enablement initiative. Learn how to set your sales enablement function up for success from the onset, from defining key objectives to justifying your budget.

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Project Management

Sales enablement practitioners are the ultimate project managers. Learn how sales enablement can ensure that projects start off on the right track, achieve desired results, and stay aligned with stakeholders from start to finish.

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Sales Personas

Developing a deep understanding of who sales enablement serves and what goals to strive for is essential to building successful sales enablement initiatives. Learn how practitioners can work with various sales personas to enlist support and create effective sales enablement initiatives.

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The Sales Landscape

Developing a deep understanding of how your sellers operate and factors that impact their success – both internally and externally – is critical for sales enablement to help sellers reach their goals. Learn how sales enablement can work to reduce complexities and implement resources to help salespeople succeed.

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Sales Career Progression

Sales roles can cover many different responsibilities and required skills, which is why sales enablement can play a crucial role in helping salespeople navigate their career progression. Learn how practitioners can help salespeople advance their careers, gain leadership skills, and achieve their professional goals through sales enablement programs.

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Strategic Initiatives

With established goals and a growth mindset, sales enablement practitioners can strengthen the strategic muscles that will lead to new value for the business, while leading to new opportunities for career advancement in the future. Learn best practices to develop, align, measure, and communicate your sales enablement strategy to drive business value for your organization.

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Competency Modeling

By developing a competency framework, sales enablement can help identify where sales professionals can improve and how to measure success for the function as a whole. Learn best practices to define, align, validate, and measure competency in your organization, in order to foster growth and maximize business impact.

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Change Management

Businesses must constantly evolve and adapt to meet a variety of challenges—from changes in technology, to the rise of new competitors, to a shift in economic trends. Effectively navigating change is a vital part of remaining competitive, and sales enablement is well-equipped to lead these efforts. Learn how to successfully execute transformation initiatives by establishing the vision for change, reinforcing change with effective communication, generating momentum for change, and embedding change into corporate culture.

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Cross-Team Collaboration

Organizations with dynamic team alignment in all phases of strategic initiatives allow reps to provide customers with more high-quality interactions and value-rich conversations at every touchpoint. Sales enablement can be crucial to driving effective cross-functional collaboration by creating alignment and designing mutually beneficial programs that create collective results. Learn how to lay the foundation for productive and valuable collaboration by maximizing stakeholder alignment, enhancing cross-team accountability, problem-solving proactively, and managing stakeholder interests.

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Pipeline Velocity

The rate at which deals are moving through the pipeline and leading to more revenue is not only an indication of the quality of an organization’s product or services, but also of the mindset of teams across the revenue organization toward supporting collective growth for the business. Sales enablement can be a crucial partner in optimizing sales performance and driving revenue growth for an organization. Learn how to guide changes that can help reps quickly move opportunities forward in sales processes by ensuring the accuracy of sales forecasting, empowering revenue growth, streamlining business reviews, and correlating sales enablement programs to outcomes.

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A sales rep’s first days, weeks, and months as a new hire are critical to ensuring their long-term success at a company. Building an immersive, culture-driven onboarding program is a key way for sales enablement teams to smooth and shorten the transition from new hire to high-performing sales rep. Learn how to accelerate the productivity of new reps by employing a four-step framework to effectively streamline onboarding, engaging creatively, leverage virtual best practices, and measure onboarding success.

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Developing engaging training material that will stick with your sales reps and being able to measure its impact is a challenge – especially in a virtual environment. Learn how to design interactive sales training programs, increase reps’ retention of the material, deliver effective virtual training, and measure the return on investment of these programs.

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Sales enablement is responsible for providing frontline managers with a structured coaching strategy that reinforces training for reps. Learn how enablement can deliver impactful coaching by using a four-step coaching framework to drive accountability, preparing managers to maintain consistent rep behaviors, supporting virtual coaching, and measuring the impact of existing programs in order to iterate and improve.

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Sales Enablement Professional Certification

Unlock your full potential by becoming a certified sales enablement professional.

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Sales Enablement Expert Certification

Unlock your full potential by becoming a certified sales enablement expert.

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Sales Readiness Initiative Certification

Unlock your full potential by becoming certified in sales readiness.

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