Survey: Sales Enablement Performance Benchmarks

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What does good look like in sales enablement? As the discipline grows in popularity and maturity, sales enablement stakeholders are eager to answer this question. But today, there is still no standard set of metrics for sales enablement to measure.

To help provide more clarity around commonly reported metrics to gauge sales enablement performance as well as the current benchmarks against them, Sales Enablement PRO and the Sales Enablement Society have joined forces.

The following survey invites sales enablement practitioners across all industries and regions to share their current tactics and strategies for measuring sales enablement success. By sharing their own metrics, survey participants can help shape a new standard for what it means to have effective sales enablement.

Resulting from the study’s findings will be an in-depth analysis of the benchmarks practitioners should pay attention to in order to elevate the business impact of sales enablement at their organization.

The report will be made exclusively available to Sales Enablement PRO and Sales Enablement Society members later this year.