Survey: Sales Enablement Maturity Pulse 2020

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Sales enablement has experienced staggering growth in recent years as its potential for business impact becomes more clear. However, the State of Sales Enablement Report 2019 uncovered that 38% of organizations have only had sales enablement as a formal function in place for less than two years.

Since sales enablement is still relatively new as a formal function, it is important for practitioners to understand the current state of sales enablement maturity within their organization in order to establish a strategic plan and path to optimization that ensures the full realization of value to the business.

This survey invites sales enablement practitioners across all industries and regions to reflect upon their organization’s sales enablement journey and the impact that evolution has on the business. Results from the survey will be shared in an in-depth report examining how factors such as company size, industry, team structure, technology, tenure, and more influence the maturity of sales enablement.

As a thank you for completing the survey, all valid survey respondents will receive a customized sales enablement maturity grid when the report is published. Please sign up or log in to take the survey.