CloudApp is a customer experience and productivity led video messaging and image sharing platform.

San Francisco, CA

Founded in 2016


Quark. Together they continue to design and develop innovative solutions for sales and marketing.

San Diego, CA

Founded in 2012


Guru is a knowledge management solution that keeps customer-facing teams up-to-date and consistent.

Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 2013


iPresent is a sales enablement platform that empowers companies to publish beautifully designed sets of marketing material and push them out to tablet and mobile users.

Los Gatos, CA


Mediafly provides easy, enterprise-grade sales enablement technology and advisory services to all companies, regardless of size or digital maturity.

Chicago, IL

Founded in 2006


Mindmatrix combines Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Channel Marketing, Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Automation for the complete enablement of sales and marketing teams.

Pittsburgh, PA

Founded in 1998


Pitcher is an end-to-end mobile Super App that provides the essential toolkit for the sales, marketing and service reps of large enterprises so they are effective and efficient.

Zurich, Switzerland

Founded in 2011


PROLIFIQ is a leading sales enablement company, pioneering native Salesforce account-based selling for key account management and digital content management.

Beaverton, OR

Founded in 1999

AI-Powered Pitch Intelligence Platform for Sales Onboarding and Readiness.

Mountain View, CA

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